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AI Made in Africa helps organizations in transforming how they attract, understand, manage, and evolve their tech workforces from Africa by assisting them in creating flexibility and agility around their talent strategy.

While there is a genuine and demonstrated belief that Africa’s youthful demography will impact the global tech talent workforce, the larger dynamics of how they might be evolve in different tech sectors are rarely explored in depth.

Some of the compounding challenges of hiring & retaining the right tech talent from Africa that we help solve are:

  • Time as an important concern for companies seeking to recruit tech talents into their teams.
  • Deficient assessment which leaves the company’s HR disconnected with a candidate’s culture fit and team alignment.
  • No easy way exists to find and access vetted insights and trends about African tech talents.
Advancing Workforce Diversity

AI Made In Africa strongly believes that discrimination in any form is unacceptable and wrong. Acts of hatred against anyone from any identity group divides us and creates lasting harmful effects for everyone.

We believe that inclusivity and equality are core qualities that every organization should embrace to address the issue of inequality. We feel that instilling acceptance and diversity within company culture can help both workers and companies succeed for the long-term. Achieving equality for all involves stopping hatred wherever it exists—whether it’s in the workplace or within the community.

We condemn all acts of discrimination and exclusion and encourage every organization and person to push for more inclusivity and equality.

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AI Made in Africa continues to forge solid partnerships with a diverse range of stakeholders. Working together, we develop local and regional solutions, strengthen policies and systems, undertake rigorous research, and promote best practices and thought leadership in advancing the tech workforce potential of young people from Africa

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