Success Stories of Data Science

Data Science is a field that gives insights from structured and unstructured data using different scientific methods and algorithms. It also consequently helps in generating insights, making predictions and devising data driver solutions.
Data science is about utilizing the data at hand and using it viably to propel desired goals. The main goal of data science is to gain insights and knowledge from any type of data. A data scientist is a storyteller who presents data insights to decision-makers in a way that is understandable and applicable to problem- solving.
The data used in data science is usually gathered from different sources, such as e-commerce sites, surveys, social media, and internet searches among others.
In Africa, many companies, organizations and agencies have made data science a priority and these institutions have invested on it heavily. This is because data science is used in the institutions’ daily activities to bring value to its large clientele.
If interpreted correctly, data science brings transformative benefits to organizations and companies. This great interpretation of data is the one thing all African Data Science success stories have in common.
Good interpretation of data in data science have made it possible for E-commerce sites in Africa to achieve its goal by recommending latest products in the market coupled up with up-to date product specification to its clients based on their searches. These e-commerce sites in Africa includes; Jumia, Kilimall, Glovo and Takealot.
The health care and travel industries also are a success story where by when the data gathered are analyzed and interpreted; these industries get to predict the future in growing their businesses and maximizing the profits.
Banking institutions across the continent are also capitalizing on data science to enhance their fraud detection successes not forgetting Netflix, which uses algorithms to create personalized recommendations for its users based on their viewing history.
In conclusion, when data is interpreted correctly with the help of data science, companies, organizations and agencies can find the requirements of their clients and ensure quality products and services to their customers and also maximize their profits and realizing their goals.

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