Develop tech workforce strategies that deliver results and avoid risk

We’ll help you avoid the tech talent novelty

To support long-term success, provide a strong, talent-driven foundation for strategic workforce initiatives. From workforce planning to talent optimization, implementation, and upskilling or reskilling, we deliver collaborative, insight-driven strategies, including:

Roles Planning & Mapping

Match the foundational and functional competencies to the tech roles in your organization for better R.O.I

African Tech Workforce Analytics

Interpret & inform business decisions  on sourcing, hiring and retaining talent in the African tech labor markets.

Proactive people management

Where are AI-tech talents being used by significant businesses in my sector & are they delivering results?

Discover the Most Important Trends

What internal trends in your organization indicate the evolving talent needs for team impact?

As new technology and market factors drive corporate change and create the demand for upskilling & reskilling, organizations must continually refresh themselves, promote increased efficiency and innovation while also developing the skills required to meet future business needs in the midst of these transformations.

Custom Tech Workforce consulting

Talent can help you transform your business model.

Partner with us

AI Made in Africa continues to forge solid partnerships with a diverse range of stakeholders. Working together, we develop local and regional solutions, strengthen policies and systems, undertake rigorous research, and promote best practices and thought leadership in advancing the tech workforce potential of young people from Africa

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